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Hetech, working with Industrial Designers to manufacture successful electronic products

Almost all products consumers use day to day have some form of electronic component or system, and electronic manufacturing plays an integral part in the creation of these products. Electronic manufacturing for industrial designers involves the creation of components, products and systems, and their assembly into finished products. Without proper electronic manufacturing, the design of a product may not translate to a functional and reliable product.

Why Hetech?

Hetech partners with Industrial Designers, working with them on all parts of the manufacturing process from testing to production, Hetech has the experience and resources to ensure a product’s success.

Just some of the critical stages where Hetech can help in the electronic manufacturing process are:

  1. Design – Creation of the product design, including all electronic components.
  2. PCB Layout – The design of the printed circuit board is created based on electronic components.
  3. Fabrication – PCB is fabricated based on the design, and the electronic components are placed on the board.
  4. Assembly – Electronic components are soldered onto the PCB.
  5. Testing – The finished product is tested to ensure it functions correctly prior to mass production.

As a medium-sized manufacturer, Hetech can manufacture electronic products on both a smaller and larger scale. With experience in both commercial and niche markets, Hetech uses resources efficiently and is quickly able to adapt to changes in demand, all while ensuring quality control and delivering on time and within budget.

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