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PCB Assembly

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Hetech is an expert PCB manufacturing & assembly company that proudly supplies PCB assembly solutions to businesses of all sizes across Australia.

Hetech is an expert PCB manufacturing & assembly company that proudly supplies PCB assembly solutions to businesses of all sizes across Australia. Our industry-leading assembly processes create PCBs of the highest quality. Our expert team is made up of in-house trained professionals who have the experience and expertise to create dependable PCBs and utilise our PCB assembly technology.

What is PCB assembly?

A PCB, or printed circuit board, is a device that connects electrical components mechanically, using conductive tracks or pads usually etched from one or multiple copper sheets or between non-conductive substrate sheets.

PCB assembly, therefore, is the process of populating PCB boards with electronic features and components to create a functioning PCB product.

We offer a range of both human and automated PCB assembly services

Our assembly processes use both human and automated services. Larger assembly projects can benefit from the speed and accuracy of our automated service, while smaller more detailed work can be checked in-house by one of our expert team members.

Surface Mount Technology

At Hetech, we have the capabilities to utilize surface mount technology to assemble your PCBs, using our pick and place machine. We use surface mount technology as it is more cost-efficient and reliable than other, more traditional assembly methods. For example, with surface mount technology more electronics can be included in a smaller space on a PCB. This means PCBs can be customised much more easily and efficiently and at a much higher volume.

Class 3 PCB Assembly

Class 3 equipment is a classification given to electronic products that need to deliver high performance in critical environments, where downtime is not available and the product must continue to function even in adverse conditions. Examples of Class 3 equipment include medical life support machines and military devices. The Hetech team are trained specifically to handle Class 3 electronic products so you can have the utmost confidence in our work.

Testing and quality control

To ensure our assembly process is fault-free, we use innovative AOI testing and checking. AOI, or automated optical inspection, test PCBs for catastrophic failure and quality defects by autonomously scanning them with a camera. We use automated testing at multiple stages of our assembly process to ensure all our PCBs are of the highest quality.

Our technology

At Hetech, we utilise the latest advancements in technology for our printed circuit board assembly. Just some of the tech and machines we use include:

• Wave soldering machine
• Pick and place
• Automated conformal coating
• Potting machine

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No matter what your printed circuit board assembly needs are, we always aim to deliver efficient, dependable solutions. For more information about our services, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today for a no-obligation quote!

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