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Industrial Design

Are you looking for innovative industrial design? Do you need a fresh, exciting product that can be successfully produced with minimal additional equipment or expenditure? Hetech Industrial Design is a leading provider of top-quality, inspired industrial design that’s suitable for almost every sector

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  • 30 Years’ of Developing Electronic Products
  • Cost-Effective Design
  • Turnkey Development

Services Include

  • Functional Design
  • 3D Rendering
  • 2D & 3D CAD
  • Product Packaging Design
  • Tooling

Our skilled, talented and highly experienced team are on hand to provide expert input at every stage of the design process. From the initial concept design, based on in-depth research, through to checking that the proposed product is sufficiently different from what’s already out there to be viable, ergonomics, visual appeal and cost-effective manufacture, we are able to complete the entire project. Customers benefit from our streamlined, holistic approach, as the entire industrial design process is completed parallel with your new product electronics design.

When we create a product, we take into consideration a wide range of factors which determine its end specifications. Whether we’re considering aesthetic appeal, formulating a suitable colour palette or looking at material choices, our focus is always on creating a product that will command a high market value and generate customer demand. We are also able to put together high-quality branding and marketing material, enabling your product to “hit the ground running” once it goes into production.

Industrial Design Beagle Golf Tracker
Industrial Design Beagle Golf Tracker

The advantages of using us are numerous:

  • Working with a highly experienced team that has a successful track record in industrial design.
  • High-end development with an emphasis on products which have a sound practical application.
  • A focus on aesthetics which results in attractive products with plenty of visual appeal.
  • User-friendly design that places ergonomics and operator comfort at the heart of the process.
  • Cost-effective, turnkey product design that takes into account your budgetary constraints and profit margins.
  • We have experience in a number of different sectors, enabling us to work on a wide diversity of projects.

Wide variety of design concept processes covered

The range of services which we provide include:

  • Visualisations and concepts (including sketches and mock-ups).
  • 3D printing and SLAs to create realistic prototypes for an initial consultation.
  • Individualised enclosure design.
  • Unique packaging design that’s functional, aesthetically appealing and in line with your corporate branding.
  • Cabling design

Are you looking for an inspired industrial design from an enthusiastic team of talented designers? We are here to help. For further information about what we can offer and how we can take your product from an idea right the way to a market winner, please call the Hetech team today on 07 3297 9700.

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Hetech prides itself on delivering products of the highest quality with a fast turnaround time to meet your requirements.

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