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Hetech is proud to be an environmentally sustainable company, and we are continually seeking new avenues for growth within the renewable energy sector. As electronic systems play an integral role in various applications, ranging from electric vehicles and scooters to energy management and battery technologies, we recognise the immense potential for reducing carbon emissions through technological innovation.

Our team is enthusiastic about leveraging our expertise to develop solutions that minimize environmental impact while maximizing efficiency and performance. With each advancement, we embark on a journey of discovery, this comes with new research and development initiatives that push the boundaries of what’s possible in sustainable technology.

The recent Everything Electric expo served as a catalyst for our exploration of emerging opportunities within the renewable energy market. By participating in this event, we gained valuable insights and forged strategic partnerships to further strengthen our presence in this dynamic industry.

The Everything Electric expo, is renowned as the premier platform for showcasing advancements in home energy and electric vehicles. Beyond Electric Vehicles of diverse configurations and Home Energy solutions, the expo highlighted the collective effort to accelerate the transition towards cleaner, more sustainable energy systems.

As we look ahead, we are excited about the evolution of the renewable energy landscape in the years to come. Our commitment to driving positive change remains unwavering, and we invite you to stay connected with us as we unveil groundbreaking initiatives in this space.

It’s been a busy period for Hetech these past few months. From new hires to new events, here’s everything you need to know about what’s new at Hetech.

Latest additions to the team

Since our last update, we’ve had a few new additions to the team at Hetech. Here’s who’s new and what they bring to our team.

Hertzog Burger – Production Technician

Hertz has been on the team since June, and the immediate impact he’s left so far is no joke! With almost a decade in the tech industry, he’s been a key supporter in production, and we look forward to watching him flourish in his new role.

Kadijah Ali – Store person & Assembler

Kadijah just joined us in August, and thanks to our long-standing partners at Substation33, her abilities in this new role are certainly shining through. With her Bachelors of Animation, Interactive Technology, Video Graphics, and Special Effects, Kadijah comes in with experience in IT. We look forward to watching her grow into her role.

What we’ve been up to

R U OK? Day this year was a great success. At Hetech we prioritise health and safety in the workplace, especially mental health, and R U OK? Day allowed us to check in with the whole team. This year’s theme, “I am here, to hear”, reminds us that every day is a day that a conversation could change a life.

Check out how we initiated our conversation:

R U OK? Day 2023

Integrate Expo Sydney

Mark’s latest catch-up with the industry was at the Integrate Expo in Sydney. AI home automation products also featured heavily at this year’s expo, and we’re looking forward to investigating this further for our TecHome range. Be on the lookout for this space!

The Capability Up-lift Program with Boeing

In August, the Capability Up-lift Program provided a platform for those in Defence, Government and SMEs to collaborate over the course of 12 months. 20 Australian small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) were provided with the knowledge, support and training they need to be Defence ready. Thanks to the team at Boeing for providing this opportunity to Hetech and our peers!

Capability Up-lift Program Beoing

Indo Pacific International Maritime Exposition

This year we will again be sponsoring the Indo Pacific International Maritime Exposition, held in November at the International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney).

You’ll find us in the ‘Defence Jobs Queensland’ section, stationed at pod 6.

For industry-involved professionals, registration for the event is still available:

This year, our team came together for R U OK? Day at our head office in Brisbane, and we shared some morning tea and conversation.

At Hetech, we take mental health seriously and strive to create an environment where our team can openly discuss their own challenges in this space. It was great to spend a morning together on this issue.

A conversation could change a life. Click here to find out more about this incredible charity –

R U OK DAY cupcakes
Mark Steiner Hetech

In place of End of Financial Year gifts this year Hetech Pty Ltd has decided to support our Managing Director Mark Steiner in the annual CEO Sleepout.

Below are just some of the ways your donations can help those in need this winter:

$55 can help feed a family for a day

$120 can help keep a family warm this winter

$300 can help relocate a person sleeping rough to accommodation services

Every night, thousands of Australians experience homelessness. But it doesn’t have to be that way. This year I’m taking part in the Vinnies CEO Sleepout to raise money for the St Vincent de Paul Society to support Australians in need. For one night, I’ll be sleeping outside as part of an eye-opening experience to raise awareness and bring home the realities of homelessness.

To help break the devastating cycle of homelessness, I need your support. Will you help me to reach my target?

It’s been a busy start to May this year with three expos held at the Melbourne Convention Centre in the second week of May. Our team attended National Manufacturing Week, ELECTRONEX, and SecTech!

As technology continues to evolve very fast it is important for the Hetech team to keep up to date with the newest developments in products and markets.


Electronex is Australia’s dedicated expo and conference for the electronics industry. In 2023 Electronex was held in Melbourne alongside Australian Manufacturing Week.

The competitive future of every Australian industry sector is increasingly dependent on the utilisation and integration of the latest electronics into all aspects of manufacturing, production, assembly, systems development, maintenance and service.

At Electronex, designers, managers, engineers, technicians, manufacturers and system integrators could discuss their specific requirements with industry experts and see, test and compare the latest products and solutions to future-proof their business.

Hetech at Electronex


SecTech Roadshow is a touring tradeshow that covers 5 Australian state capitals, the compact size and local venues make SecTech Roadshow the perfect opportunity for installers, and end users to get face time with leading suppliers and manufacturers and their solutions in a vibrant half-day. 

SecTech Roadshow’s take a select group of cutting-edge electronic security manufacturers and suppliers, along with their latest products and solutions, on a joint roadshow that leverages the collective pulling power of the group, as well as the redoubtable strength of SEN’s print and digital promotional engines.

Australian Manufacturing Week

AMW showcases the latest innovations, technologies and equipment in the advanced manufacturing sector. The expo gave attendees the chance to explore new opportunities, and meet and network with industry leaders and technology experts, all under one roof at one expo.

Australian Manufacturing Week

Last week, Mick de Brenni the Minister for Energy, Renewables and Hydrogen visited our customers manufacturing facility to view EcoJoule’s renewable energy products.

It was a great opportunity for EcoJoule and Hetech to showcase Queensland’s skills and capabilities in the renewable energy sector.

We look forward to a greener future in collaboration with renewable energy partners and the Government.

We are excited to introduce you to our new HR team member, Larissa. Larissa is joining us to help support and shape the growth of the business.

As the business continues to expand, we recognise the importance of having a dedicated HR professional on board to ensure we are providing a positive work environment. Larissa brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the role, and we are confident she will significantly impact the business.

It’s been a few weeks since Larissa joined Hetech, and now that she has had a chance to get her feet under the desk, we thought it would be a great time to chat with her.

1. What inspired you to pursue a career in HR?

I have always found it a fascinating topic given working conditions impacts most of the population and how much time we as humans spend working.

I initially pursued studies in human resources as I found understanding Australia’s employment relations framework was critical in every job I undertook.

I then decided to pursue my Juris Doctor with a sole focus on employment law to do a deep dive into the legalities of the employment landscape. This really came in handy when assisting clients to navigate through the pandemic.

Overall, I want to ensure that employees and businesses are aware of their rights and responsibilities and help foster great relationships and communication between both. Ensuring employees feel seen and supported is my goal and focus.

2. What are your first impressions of the company culture and work environment?

From the moment I sat for my interview, I felt very welcomed at Hetech. The company culture feels like a big family. Everyone has been very supportive especially as this role is new and so is my experience in internal HR.

Our work environment is busy but supportive. Hetech offers a wonderful amount of flexibility and it’s really appreciated.

3. What do you think are the most important qualities for an HR professional to possess?

Communication and listening skills – identifying and knowing how to overcome communication barriers between the employee and management,

Compassion – ensuring employees feel seen and supported.

Organisation skills – understanding the importance of setting frameworks, and processes to ensure legislative compliance.

4. What do you think sets this company apart from others you’ve worked with in the past, and how do you plan to contribute to its success?

Having previously been in consultancy-based work I have always been on the outside – completing a specific project for a specific client and moving on to the client and project. Hetech is my first opportunity to provide internal HR support to one company.

I plan on contributing to its success by engaging with the team, so I understand the ins and outs of the Company. This will allow me to foster growth and safeguard the business.  

Space Technologies

Space technologies and services benefit all Australians. Several of the daily conveniences we have come to expect, operate thanks to Space technology, just some of these are:

  • Weather forecasting
  • Agriculture
  • Remote communications
  • Internet access
  • Online banking
  • GPS, plus much more.
Michelle Gilmour and Mark Steiner

Hetech provides PCB manufacturing services to Gilmour Space

Gilmour Space has been in the news a lot recently due to the great work they are doing within the Australian Space sector. Founded by Adam and James Gilmour, Gilmour Space is the leading provider of Australian-made launch vehicles and satellite platforms.

Hetech has been manufacturing Gilmour-designed boards for their Remote Data Acquisition Units. The boards go into all stages of the 3-stage launch vehicle. They are used to sample sensor data from most of the subsystems on the rocket to do health monitoring through a Telemetry link back to the ground.

Recently, Mark dropped by Gilmour Space Headquarters and met with Gilmour’s Director and Head of Communications, Michelle Gilmour. We are excited about what is on the horizon, watch this space!

There are several exciting projects on the horizon for the Australian Space industry. To keep up to date with what Gilmour Space is doing in this space, simply head to their website.

Mark will be visiting Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne this month, if you’d like to touch base with Mark please follow the instructions below.


Tuesday, 7th February 

Wednesday, 8th February


Tuesday, 15th February 

Wednesday, 16th February


Tuesday, 28th February

> Friday, 3rd March

  • AS9100 accreditation is an aerospace standard
  • The standard works to improve quality, cost, and delivery performance

We are proud to share that we have recently received our AS9100 accreditation. The AS9100 accreditation is an aerospace standard that was released by the International Aerospace Quality Group, the accreditation demonstrates our ability to consistently provide products that meet customer and regulatory requirements for Aviation, Space and Defence Organisations. The standard works to improve quality, cost, and delivery performance.

Alan Grant – Quality Manager, Mark Steiner – Managing Director

Hetech’s Managing Director, Mark Steiner said of the new certification, “The achievement of AS9100 will enable Hetech to offer its design and manufacturing services to a range of new customers in various markets. The traceability aspect of the standard combined with the introduction of a new ERP system will enhance the level of service to all our customers. This is especially important in the current situation where parts are hard to find or on very long lead times. It will also help us maintain and exceed our current excellence in quality and customer service.”

Benefits for our customers

It’s not only customers in the mentioned industries that will benefit from our new accreditation. For Hetech’s customers from all sectors, gaining this accreditation will provide benefits as Hetech continues to improve the way we operate. Some of these benefits include:

  • Higher level of traceability in materials and processes
  • Process-driven risk management
  • A greater level of supplier accountability
  • Improved efficiencies and continual improvements in Hetech’s day-to-day processes
  • High-end product quality
  • Product safety and reliability
  • Higher level of customer satisfaction
AS9100 accreditation is an aerospace standard

Alan Grant, Hetech’s Quality Manager who worked closely on the accreditation process said, ‘We had a very positive experience with our certification body and lead auditor. Engaging a specialist consultant to assist in gap analysis as well as implementation greatly contributed to our success. Hetech had already adopted many of the core principles of AS9100 in our quality system (ISO) prior to the accreditation process, this has added to the maturity of our AQMS. Our employee’s commitment, dedication, professionalism and pride in doing work for the aerospace-defence industry is why we were so successful in attaining the accreditation.’

Contact us if you’d like to find out more.

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