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If you are currently developing a product, one important factor you must consider is the durability and life-span of your product. If your electronics design works perfectly but reduces in quality quickly due to exposure to external factors and lack of protection, customers will not want to repurchase the product due to its lack of durability. So, how can you extend the life of your electronic products?

What is a conformal coating?

Conformal coating is a thin polymeric material which is popularly used as a coating on printed circuit boards as it is able to conform to the contours of the circuit board without compromising its performance. Coatings are usually 50µm thick but can vary from 25-75µm in thickness.

Why is a conformal coating beneficial?

Conformal coating is beneficial for printed circuit boards as it is able to protect the circuit board from dust, moisture and chemical contaminants. The coating can even protect the PCB from harsh environments and weather conditions. This is ideal for electronics that may be used in the mining and industrial industry, or any industry where electronics are constantly exposed to harsh or hazardous environments.

Is conformal coating necessary?

Without a conformal coating, as soon as your product is exposed to a new environment it may begin to decrease is quality. To ensure your products are reliable and long-lasting, conformal coating is an essential stage in the electronics design and manufacturing process.

Conformal coating services provided by Hetech

Hetech operates with a state of the art conformal coating machine. This ensures conformal coating can be applied as accurately and efficiently as possible. Using such an advanced machine ensures no sections of the PCB are missed and no pooling occurs, this ensures a high-quality finish to each and every product coating.

Contact Hetech today

To learn more about our advanced conformal coating machine or any other of our design and manufacturing services, do not hesitate to contact us today. We are your design and manufacturing electronics partner and we can offer turn-key solutions to ensure your product is as reliable, long-lasting and as durable as possible.

There is no room for error in electronics manufacturing.

The components that make up complex systems for sectors like defence, mining and heavy industry must work exactly as they are designed with total reliability over a long period of time.

These exacting standards require a thorough and dedicated approach to manufacturing, overseen by a rigorous Quality Assurance programme.

When looking for a manufacturer to develop or build electronics, it’s vital that the company has a strong in-house QA programme to ensure there aren’t any problems further down the line.

More efficient project cycles

A major benefit of a strong QA programme for electronics design and manufacturing is the ability to develop more efficient processes.

Problems or snags in the design or production phases can be identified and solved quickly, streamlining the entire process so that the production cycle is shortened.

And in a highly competitive market, the ability to get your product made at a faster rate without compromising safety or quality is very valuable.

Higher quality products

Quality Assurance is all about ensuring the end product meets an exacting standard, whether it’s one unit or a thousand and more.

Having a strong QA process to oversee electronics engineering ensures that every component is designed and constructed to an accountable standard that’s rigorously enforced.

Greener manufacturing processes

Another big benefit of Quality Assurance is that every process that gets streamlined reduces the overall environmental impact of the manufacturing process.

This is an increasingly important consideration for electronics manufacturers, who seek to advance the world through innovation while also protecting the environment.

Hetech’s Quality Assurance programme

Hetech has been leading the way for electronics manufacturing for many years and has always strived to the highest standards.

To push our perfection even higher, we have received a number of successfull QA audits from top tier manufacturers like Boeing and Rheinmetall.

And to ensure our high standards continue, we recently appointed an in-house QA manager to allow us to attain even higher accreditations.

So if you want the best possible standards for your electronics manufacturing project, contact us at Hetech and be assured that quality is our highest priority.

Hetech is aware of concerns that our customers may have regarding the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) upon their orders.

We are pleased to state that at present, we have not recorded any specific disruptions of our upstream supply chain and we anticipate very minimal disruptions to our manufacturing services for our customers.

Our primary focus is to work closely with YOU, our partners, to endure the uncertainties of COVID-19,  stay safe and come out the other side of these events as stronger businesses.

We would like to send a message, thanking everyone who has been working hard with us to keep safe and positive during these uncertain times.

What are we doing to prevent the impact of COVID-19 on your project?

  • Increased frequency & up-to-date communication with our suppliers
  • Bringing forward current component orders
  • Sourcing alternative parts/suppliers, in consultation with customers

How can you assist us to continue ensuring minimal impact on your future orders:

  • Stay in contact with Hetech for regular updates on your order
  • Review your current stock levels and plan for future requirements
  • Place orders in advance of need, so Hetech can start buying in parts when necessary

Our approach to managing the long-term effects of COVID-19 is to prioritise working closely with our customers. Through close customer communication, we can manage future supply delays proactively and with minimal adverse impacts to your orders.

We will continue to prioritise regular and transparent communication with our customers to proactively manage orders and to provide you with accurate and timely information about your product deliveries.

Should you have any concerns or questions, please call us on +61 (0)7 3297 9700 or email

Hetech is an Australian Electronics Design and Manufacturing company, specialising in PCB assembly and design. Hetech has over 25 years of experience in manufacturing a range of products in Defence, Mining, Commercial, Utility and many more industries.

When you are designing a new electronic product, the last thing on your mind may be your new product becoming obsolete or ineffective. In reality, shifts in technology and product design trends can cause changes in components and assembly practices which can cause some electronic designs to become obsolete. To avoid this negatively affecting your business, obsolescence management is essential.

What is obsolescence management?

Obsolescence management is an essential stage of electronics design and manufacturing as it analyses all the components used to create a product, and creates a management plan for how to replace the components of a product before they become obsolete. Obsolescence management also involves determining the lifespan of individual components and creates a plan of action for replacing them before they become redundant and begin to have a negative effect on a product or system.

Why is obsolescence management important?

Without effective obsolescence management, certain components may begin to wear and age without the owner realising. The product will begin to become ineffective, eventually creating a negative option of the product and the company that sold it. Obsolescence management looks to replace components with a short lifespan for better quality, cost-effective alternatives, if an alternative cannot be found, they can guarantee replacement services for consumers after a specified period of time.

Obsolescence management for existing PCB assemblies

Obsolescence management services are not only available for new electronic designs, but existing products, such as PCB assembly boards can also benefit from obsolescence services. For example, if you have an assembly board with design flaws or your assembly board is created with products that have been recalled or discontinued, obsolescence management services can help to find and fix the flaw and find an effective replacement solution for discontinued components. If you’re looking to upgrade a PCB assembly board, obsolescence management can be a great place to start.

Contact Hetech today

At Hetech, we are your electronics design and manufacturing partner. Our expertise in electronics design and manufacturing allows us to deliver high-quality obsolescence management services. For more information about obsolescence management or PCB design, contact us today!

Quality Assurance (QA) is paramount for industries such as defence and mining, which is why we are committed to continually improving our manufacturing QA processes, ensuring that we are always providing the best services and highest quality products for all our clients.

Alan – QA Manager

As a result of several successful QA audits from companies such as Boeing & Rheinmetall, we have appointed a new QA Manager, Alan, to oversee, create and coordinate quality assurance programmes. The new QA role is one of many positive steps we are taking towards aerospace (AS9100) & other manufacturing standards, representing a substantial progression from ISO9001.

Confidence in your Product

Our customers can expect Alan to bring positive changes, such as a faster turnaround and consistently high-quality manufacturing. This will be achieved by Alan creating more efficient processes and analysing production line data to find and solve manufacturing problems. Alan has already implemented several ESD initiatives, successfully improving safety and manufacturing yield rates.

With Alan driving continuous QA process and manufacturing improvements, you can enjoy the confidence that your product is delivered to the highest possible manufacturing standard. Alan will ensure that every product that leaves Hetech’s factory floor meets and exceeds the high manufacturing standards that our customers expect.

Faster Project Turnaround

Our customers can expect Alan to bring positive changes, such as a faster turnaround and consistently high-quality manufacturing. This will be achieved by Alan creating more efficient processes and analysing production line data to anticipate manufacturing issues before they happen. Alan has already implemented several ESD initiatives, successfully improving safety and ensuring projects are being completed with minimal delays.

Reducing Your Product’s Carbon Footprint

As businesses face even more pressure to make eco-friendly choices and participate in green initiatives, we believe Alan stepping into the Quality Assurance Manager role will help improve our green manufacturing. Reducing waste, identifying potential problems before they become issues, the manager will reduce manufacturing costs and energy consumption, benefitting both the environment and our clients.

Improved Product Life through Quality

The role of the Quality Assurance Manager does not begin at the production line, QA is integral within our supply chain.

Alan oversees supplier QA audit programs, designed to identify and utilise only quality assured components from sustainable vendors. Ensuring high-quality standards from the start to the end of the design & manufacturing process.

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For over 25 years, Hetech has provided quality design and manufacturing services for a range of industries, including mining. The addition of a new Quality Assurance Manager to the Hetech team will no doubt help Hetech maintain its status as an industry leader in electronics manufacturing in Australia.

Contact us at or +61 (0)7 3297 9700

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