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Why Hetech?

Hetech is committed to providing innovative design and manufacturing solutions while building relationships of trust with you. This is underpinned by our company commitment to be ‘Your electronics design and manufacturing partner’.

We will guide you through our design and manufacturing process, ensuring your involvement from concept generation, prototyping and testing, to volume manufacturing.

Why Partner with Hetech For Your Electronics Design and Manufacturing?


Being in the industry for over 25 years, Hetech brings a wealth of experience to your product design and manufacturing needs, ensuring the best possible end-products and solutions. Our diverse team engineers will bring a plethora of capabilities and experience that is derived from a wide range of industries. Our team of engineers are capable of tackling any technical challenges for your product, no matter how complex the idea and design.

Commercial Focused

At Hetech, we look to effectively maximise the outcome for our clients by focusing on the commercial viability of the product throughout the entire design and manufacturing process. Hetech look to develop products that are functional, innovative, cost optimised, power efficient, manufacturable, serviceable, reliable, compliant and future-proof. Being commercially focused means that we can save you time and money as your product will reach the market quicker, reduce production time and reduce financial risks.

High Quality

At Hetech we provide the highest quality manufacturing and design services. Extensive and comprehensive testing systems are in place to ensure our work and procedures are documented and delivered to the highest standard possible. Hetech quality processes are fully formalised and documented and conform to ISO 9001 and work with IPC standards up to class 3 (defence and medical).

Fast Turnaround Times

At Hetech we deliver the fastest turnaround times in the industry. Due to the close working relationship with our customers, we plan way ahead, work towards given deadlines, multi-task between design and manufacturing to achieve the fastest time to market responses here in Australia. Manage critical parts and inventory way before they become an issue or are short in supply. Offering the complete in-house services guarantees the best time to market times, you don’t want to miss that critical deadline or not be ready for the next product launch or Exhibition.

Turn-key Solutions

Hetech is a market leader in supporting customers in getting product ideas to the market on time and at the right price. Our long term approach to electronic product design and manufacturing assists our customers’ company growth without investing in expensive internal engineering and manufacturing infrastructure. Hetech will integrate into your operational processes seamlessly, with clear accountability for all the work involved. All projects are clearly specified between the parties, managed and assessed by agreed milestones and fully documented to the highest standard.

Facilities and Tools

Hetech has the equipment and facilities needed to get the job done right. Our office has up to 1000 square meters of space in two locations. We have a fully equipped lab with specialist equipment including a thermal chamber, DSOs, MSOs, DMMs, LCR meter, microscope, EMC test gear, spectrum analyser, reflow chamber, CNC router, 3D printer, soldering/rework equipment and workshop tools etc. At Hetech we use professional systems to ensure programs run efficiently and smoothly. We use enterprise level time-sheeting, document control, version control, bug tracking, schematic and PCB CAD, 3D CAD, circuit simulation, project management and collaboration tools.

Ideas, Products, Projects, Partnerships?

Hetech prides itself on delivering products of the highest quality with a fast turnaround time to meet your requirements.

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