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Mining Industry

Client: WEIR Minerals

Industry: Mining

Product: MULTIFLO Dewatering Pump Controller

The WEIR MULTIFLO controller is used to control and manage the functions of WEIR’s MULTIFLO dewatering pumps. WEIR MULTIFLO dewatering pumps are generally meant for dewatering, drainage and water transfer applications within the mining industry.

Hetech was approached by WEIR to design and manufacture a rugged and secure controller box that will is used to operate their MULTIFLO dewatering pump, used in the mining industry. The controller was to be extremely secure, yet easy for employees to operate.

It was imperative to create a controller that would define durability, complexity and ease of use. Those three components must exist together in a delicate balance.

This controller requested by WEIR would be used to operate and control their premium range of heavy duty dewatering pumps. In addition to operations that are required to run the dewatering pumps, this controller provides visual feedback through a custom programmed LCD screen equipped with LED lights. It is easy to read and easy to see.

The WEIR controller was manufactured to be incredibly reliable and durable while standing up to the harsh elements present in mines. This state of the art controller is used to perform a multitude of complex functions without failing.

Reliability is necessary to properly operate the powerful WEIR dewatering pumps..

Work Performed

• Schematic design
• PCB design
• Cable Looms
• Industrial design
• Product testing

• Manufacturing
• Fine pitch SMD
• Hand soldering
• Wave soldering
• Potting

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