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Client: Vanadium Group
Project: Spiral Automation
Industry: Mining


Spiral circuits, in general, across all sites, tend to be neglected operationally. The manual nature of the product/reject splitters mean that operators are slow to respond to changes in feed quality. Splitters are often set in one position and then seldom adjusted again. The result is often that spiral separation density is too high in most cases resulting in sub-optimal overall plant recovery.


To design and manufacture an automation system that integrates into existing mining spiral circuits which will autonomously operate the feed splitters using linear actuators and motor controllers. The splitters need to adjust accordingly to a live feed of data supplied by Vanadium’s Delta Optic Analyser. The system will also provide live data feedback via the mine’s Citec system, allowing online control in step with the other circuits.


Automation system integration & design, embedded Linux platform development, circuit design, prototyping, benchtop & field testing, assembly, industrial design, BOM management, python software design, and motor controller design.


The Spiral Galaxy system is now being utilised in Australian mines. Improving feed quality and efficiency through minimisation of human intervention, risk reduction and improved plant recovery.


We partnered with Hetech’s engineering team to design and build a mining automation system to be integrated into gravity-fed spiral circuits. Their customer service and professionalism have exceeded my expectations. They consistently deliver within timeframes and even fly out engineers to assist with diagnosing and maintaining products in the field, ensuring the system was operating as expected. I highly recommend Hetech; they have gone beyond their expectations to ensure the best product possible.

Gerald Van Niekerk, Director

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