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Sports Technology

Hetech is proud to have partnered with Parlo Technologies, a leader in the sports technology industry, in revolutionizing their product, the Beagle Golf Tracker. Hetech was approached by Parlo to engineer a number of solutions for the goals Parlo had set regarding the product.

The skills required to complete this project were based on the requirements and preferences set by Parlo to improve and reinvent the Beagle Golf Tracker. The outline of the project included a complete redesign of the electronics in the product, creation of new firmware, improving the battery life, designing a new enclosure, and total manufacturing of the finished product.


Hetech was able to provide the solutions needed for the Beagle Golf Tracker, touching on every base that we asked of them, and providing a perfect completed product. The combination of their in-house engineering and manufacturing to pull this project together was astounding.

A collaboration with external connections was beneficial to the outcome as well. Hetech builds vital relationships with both large and small businesses, and because of that, gets every job done properly. The overall cost and power consumption of the Beagle Golf Tracker were reduced through their redesign of the product, and the industrially designed, modern enclosure is perfectly suited to our product.

Now, the Beagle Golf Tracker works just how we intended it. Consumers are able to connect the Beagle to their smartphones through the use of Bluetooth technology. This way, they can track shots, clubs and scores for every game they play or practice swing they take. Stats on the Beagle can be shared with other players, friends, and family through the use of the Beagle app.

Work Performed

The engineers at Hetech performed the following work while designing and developing the Beagle Golf Tracker:

  • PCB Design
  • Schematic design
  • Prototyping
  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial design
  • Software
  • Firmware design
  • Cost reduction analysis
  • Testing
  • Tooling

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