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Uses of artificial intelligence in the mining industry

The mining industry is leading the way in AI technology innovation, which is due, in part, to its reliance on expensive equipment. In order to succeed, the efforts of mining companies are focussed on improving their efficiency, which means developing pioneering artificial intelligence technology to speed up industrial processes and minimise errors and accidents. Some uses of artificial intelligence in the mining industry include:


Autonomous trains have now joined autonomous haul trucks in the mining industry to transport goods without the assistance of a driver. The anglo-Australian mining company, Rio Tinto, has now put these automated trains to use, transporting goods via 240 train cars that travel over a distance of 1,700km. The innovative information technology company, the VIST Group is also implementing AI-automated transport in the form of haul trucks with the Russian coal producer, SUEK.


Mining companies across the globe currently use AI sensors to monitor vibration and temperature to warn dispatchers and drivers about mining conditions that could potentially be dangerous. Leading global resources company, BHP, has provided their truck drivers with caps installed with smart AI technology to monitor their brainwaves and notify them when they begin to fall asleep to avoid accidents. Mining equipment manufacturer, Caterpillar, has stated that one of the leading causes of equipment accidents in the industry is driver drowsiness, and so they have partnered with leading AI vision company, Seeing Machines, to incorporate eye-tracking technology into a number of their mining trucks.

Sorting and granulometry

AI smart sensors are another useful tool for mining companies to utilise, as they are able to detect chunks of rocks that are too large to be crushed and may waste valuable time. Tomra has developed a smart sensor that can use infra-red rays and X-rays to detect pieces of rock in the slag stream and separate them from clay, dirt and other minerals. In fact, one of Tomra’s smart sensors managed to detect a 227-carat diamond.

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