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Three reasons why you need to secure your product supply now

Why risk your bottom line? A secure supply-chain management plan is vital for the successful manufacture of high-quality products, delivered to the timescales your customers demand.

1. Your production needs to continue

Regardless of where your materials and components are sourced, your operation needs to keep creating items in the volume your customers require. Opting for a national supplier if possible helps to reduce the risk of production being compromised, irrespective of the wider international situation.

2. Tensions between China and the US continue to remain high

With China and the US becoming increasingly hostile towards one another, exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic, companies who rely on suppliers from either of those two nations are in a perilous position. With Brexit likely to cause issues with European supply chains, there’s every reason to consider national suppliers in order to minimise the risk of unwanted delays and component scarcity.

3. Be Proudly Australian Made

Being able to market your products as “Australian made” has an enormously beneficial effect on sales. Customers want the guarantee of quality and integrity which nationally sourced and supplied products can bring.

How can Hetech help secure your product supply-chain?

Hetech has launched our Supply Chain Consultation service. We will conduct a complete supply chain risk audit, used to identify high risk components, long lead times and unique suppliers. From this an action plan is created, with the aim of enhancing supplier and component supply security.

When you choose to partner with Hetech to secure your supply chain you will receive:

  • A Comprehensive Supply Chain Audit to identify risks
  • Access to Hetech’s global reach of suppliers
  • Exceptional obsolescence management programs
  • Local support and order management

Talk to us today to get a complimentary initial assessment of your supply chain*

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