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Innovative advances in technology, including digitisation, and automation, are significantly revolutionising the mining industry. Technologies such as AI & Big Data, autonomous vehicles, drones, automated sorting, and dewatering technology are reshaping the industry. Their benefits include improving mine safety, predicting mine hazards, and sending real-time information.

1. Autonomous vehicles

Self-driving vehicles are one of the progressions that mining companies are taking to improve the highly volatile sector. For a long time, mining has been faced by problems such as precarious conditions in the mines, lack of skilled labour, and high operating costs. Autonomous vehicles have provided a solution to this because they are safer, cheaper, and reliable. The vehicles integrate technologies such as GPS systems, two-way radio communication, and computing power to make navigation in mines safe and efficient.

2. Automated sorting

The mining industry has incorporated systems to separate valuable mineral ores from waste rock. Mining sorting equipment is not only a practical method to sort particles, but also a way to increase quality, yield, and productivity. The systems manage costs and have low downtime making mining operations highly efficient.

3. AI & Big Data

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data technologies present the mining industry with intelligent machines that work like humans and the benefits of data analytics to improve operations. With these technologies, mining is simplified because the devices can perform a variety of tasks such as drilling, blasting, and sampling. The application of AI and Big data also improves data exchange between users and reduces mining risks to workers because all risks are analysed.

4. Drones

The use of drones in mining solves numerous challenges in the industry by providing faster surveying, better blast optimisation, and improved surveillance of the mines. Data that was inaccessible or otherwise unsafe to reach can now be accessed and sent to the systems.

5. Dewatering technology

Influxes of water caused by weather conditions such as heavy rainfall can significantly slow down open-pit mining. For this reason, dewatering technology is used to handle the maximum inflow of water into the mines. These efforts reduce downtime and prevent the risk of operations.

Will Technology & Automation Replace the Workforce?

Don’t be afraid of losing your jobs to robots. The goal of automation isn’t to replace workers, it’s to ensure they don’t need to be replaced due to injury or being over-worked by moving them to a safer environment. These technological advances have brought a shift toward sustainable, efficient, and safe mining.

Contact Hetech and let us be your Mining Electronics Design & Manufacturing Partner.

While manufacturing companies globally are changing the production game by adding more automation to the line, some are wondering if this is meant to replace the manufacturing employees. Rest assured that this assumption, though based on some merit, is completely untrue.

Electronics design and manufacturing companies, like Hetech, are set to update, improve and increase productivity through the use of automation. This automation is intended to assist, not replace.

While Australian SME companies are integrating into Industry 4.0, the development, addition and use of new technologies is unavoidable. In a sense, the introduction of automation into SME manufacturing companies helps to level the playing field a bit…but how?

Automation in manufacturing is simply this: The use of automatic equipment, that requires little human intervention and interaction, in a system of production processes. It has the potential to improve business for SMEs, along with making improvements in the labour force along the way.

The time and attention that is freed up due to automation will help businesses achieve a better level of productivity and labour force effectiveness. Automation is meant to enhance, not take over.

To put it bluntly, automation in Australian electronics manufacturing is becoming essential for the local companies to compete in the world manufacturing platform. Integration into Industry 4.0 is essential.

Manufacturing companies of all sizes are investing in and working towards industry 4.0. Industry 4.0 encompasses the current automation trend and method of data exchange within manufacturing technologies and companies. Often referred to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Industry 4.0 includes cognitive computing, The Internet of Things, cloud computing and cyber-physical systems.

For manufacturing companies to succeed, it is imperative that they keep up with the integration rate. Manufacturing companies, like Hetech, are investing in a variety of automated machines. These include, but are not limited to, new SMT machines, conformal coating machines, inventory and asset tracking systems and optical inspection machines. Our automated machines are fully intended to help our labour force operate at a smarter and faster level.

Automated machines can propel SMEs toward Industry 4.0 by reducing the risk, and encouraging our existing labour to work faster, not harder.

For many SME companies, it’s imperative to receive automation funding. Thankfully, SME manufacturers can look to local governments for grants to invest in automation. These grants are meant to assist SMEs with becoming more competitive, allowing them to grow in the international market. With funding, comes relevance.

Automation in manufacturing is giving SME companies the ability to succeed on a level of companies that exist on a much larger scale. The possibilities here are incredible, and paired with current labour, endless. These two components will work seamlessly together to push many SMEs closer and closer to Industry 4.0.

On September 26, Hetech had the privilege of attending the Australian Defence Industry Awards, the self-described industry event of the year. This black tie event was held at Canberra’s Australian Institute of Sport, and brought together some of the most illustrious names in Australia’s defence industry.

The purpose of the Defence Connect was to acknowledge and recognize the outstanding work of many of Australia’s defence industry professionals. Rather than focusing on products or platforms, these awards recognize the stakeholders themselves, from academic institutions to defence executives and beyond.

Any Australian business working within any part of the defence supply chain was eligible for nomination, and Hetech was honored to rank as a finalist in two of the award categories:

  • Manufacturer of The Year
  • Contractor of The Year

Being nominated as a finalist in these categories not only reflects well on Hetech as a company, but it’s also a testament to the hard work and dedication of every single employee. Hetech is truly a team, and our continued success is only possible thanks to the skills of each team member.

As thrilled as we were to be considered for these awards, we were equally excited to see two of our customers take home awards of their own.

Boeing Defence Australia’s Dr. Shane Arnott took home two titles in his company’s name: Innovator of The Year and The Defence Connect Excellence Award. Boeing Defence Australia was also honored as Major Defence Contractor of The Year.

Additionally, EOS Defence Systems took home honors as Export Business of The Year and Space Business of The Year.

Hetech would like to congratulate our customers on this exciting recognition of their successes, and thank all of our team members for their hard work leading to our company’s nominations. We’re already looking forward to next year’s Defence Connect.

In response to the significant increase in the global demand for electronic engineering services from industries such as defence, manufacturing electronics design companies are successfully collaborating with selected local engineering companies to increase design capacities.

As projects evolve, grow and become more intense, collaboration between engineers in the electronics industry is now essential. Collaboration enables projects to be completed effectively, and will also ensure the continuation of large revenue-generating projects and engineering job creation.

Those at the helm of the revolution are blazing the way, and leaders of the industry are stressing that for the electronics industry and economies to grow, collaboration must become the norm, as well as increased capacity for engineering and manufacturing services.

The entire industry is coming to a point where one will not be able to successfully exist without the other, and isn’t that already the case? Electronics design and electronics manufacturing cannot provide a complete product without each other.

Manufacturing and engineering already go hand in hand. The existence of each field proves to make the other one better.

Frequently exposing SME manufacturers to larger projects will lead to a much more efficient manufacturing process; keeping production costs down, more exporting opportunities and job growth worldwide. This type of growth is more than necessary, it’s vital for the industry to thrive.

Manufacturing companies (like Hetech) have a firm belief in collaboration, and place a big stake in the concept as a whole. Expansion plans in manufacturing companies are imminent and unavoidable, and should include discussions with interstate companies to take manufacturing capabilities even further.

Companies that specialize in electronics manufacturing should not limit themselves to forming a network of outside engineers, although this is a wonderful direction to take. Each and every manufacturing company should be committed to continuing investing heavily in their internal engineering teams.

The reinforcement of development internally, within the company itself, will strengthen skill and overall performance. This is not limited to design, but manufacturing and project management as well. As with anything, strength truly does start from within. Establish that base, and then broaden it.

Contact Us

Any questions, thoughts and concerns regarding electronic design and electronic manufacturing can be directed to Hetech.

We’re more than happy to answer questions on the topic, as we look to be a front-runner in the relationship development between manufacturing and engineering.

This year, The PACIFIC 2019 International Maritime Expo for defence will be held from 8 – 10 October at the International Convention Centre in Sydney, Australia, and small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from all across Queensland are preparing for this exposition.

Hetech, a leading Australian electronics design & manufacturing company, will be participating in this year’s PACIFIC 2019 expo in collaboration with the Queensland government, along with 15 other SMEs.

Hetech Will Showcase Its Electronics Design & Manufacturing Capabilities To The World

This year, Hetech will be focusing on showing off its ability to design and manufacture custom electronics packages to companies and governments from all across the world. This is the perfect opportunity for Hetech and other Australian companies to show their quality to international vendors and customers.

Hetech will be exhibiting its current projects, including developing technologies which are being used in future Australian naval products. With its proven track record in projects including PCB and schematics design, SMT and thru-hole assembling, electronics prototyping and more, Hetech is a leading choice for turn-key electronics design & manufacturing for both the Australian defence industry, and for private companies.

Collaboration Encourages Better Results For Australian SMEs

Participating collaboratively in trade shows and expos like the PACIFIC 2019 International Maritime Expo is a unique opportunity for SME manufacturers to collaborate, and learn more about the technologies and innovations that are driving the defence industry forward.

Not only that, but this is also a great chance for Australian companies to network with multinational companies and manufacturers, and learn more about larger projects.

This type of collaboration has a number of benefits for Australian SMEs like Hetech, such as keeping production costs down, creating more export opportunities, and helping to encourage job growth worldwide. This type of growth is essential for the continued health and development of the Australian defence maritime industries.

Join Hetech & The Queensland Government At PACIFIC 2019 To Learn More

Those who are working in the defence naval and maritime industries and would like to learn more about Hetech and the other Australian SMEs exhibiting as part of PACIFIC 2019 can join them at the conference from October 8-10, 2019. This year is the tenth annual PACIFIC conference, and it’s sure to be one of the largest, most interesting, and rewarding events in the maritime & naval technology industry in 2019.

To learn more about the expo, get more details and purchase tickets, interested attendees may visit its website at this link.

If you’re in electronics design or electronics manufacturing in Australia, Electronex is where you want to be – and that’s why Hetech will be exhibiting at this trade show from 11-12 September, 2019, at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Want more details? Get all the info you need below.

Visit Hetech at Electronex 2019

Hetech Will Be Exhibiting At Electronex 2019

As a leading electronic parts supplier and manufacturer, Hetech is excited to announce our participation in this year’s Electronex show. We’re proud to show off our capabilities and products, including our test-jigs!

During the show, we’ll be located at Stand B28. Our stand will be staffed the entire time, so please come by and say hello, and learn more about our electronics design and electronics manufacturing services. We’ve served hundreds of clients all throughout Australia, and would be happy to discuss our capabilities and how we can serve your company.

What Is Electronex? Get The Details Here!

Electronex, also known as the “Electronic Design & Assembly Expo,” is the only Australian exposition and conference dedicated to the electronics industry. It’s a place for electronics professionals – from managers, engineers, designers, technicians and system integrators – to get updates on the future of the industry, hear keynote speeches, participate in panels and more. Wondering who else is participating? Take a look at the full list of exhibitors here, and see a list of FREE seminars here!

See last years event details HERE

Come See Us And Take Advantage Of The Hetech Show Special!

Want us to sweeten the deal for you? The first three customers who come to see Hetech at Electronex will receive a 100% FREE test-jig review and consultation!

We’ve built many different test jigs for clients in numerous industries, including mining, defence and more. Our test jigs help ensure your product is functioning perfectly before it’s delivered. From software/computer operated jigs to functional testing jigs and “bed of nails” jigs, we do it all!

So come see us. With your free review and consultation, you’ll get testing procedures and initial specs for the test jig, a product design review to ensure testing compatibility, and a timeline and cost estimate – all for free!

Register For Electronex 2019 – We’ll See You There!

If you’re going to be at Electronex, make sure to stop by our booth at Stand B28. Not registered yet? Why not? Click here to register online, and make plans to attend Electronex from September 11-12 2019 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

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Hetech will be conducting it’s stocktake between
1st – 5th July

While we are testing our mathematics abilities, there may be slight delays to our usual industry-leading service & solutions.

Please be understanding during this time and we will get back to you as soon as we can for your electronics design and manufacturing needs and enquiries.

Thank you for your understanding and happy EOFY!

Innovation and growth start within our communities at home. At least that’s what we believe at Hetech. Since strength always comes from the roots, we have joyously involved ourselves in the planning of INNOV8 Logan.

Hetech is now, and always has been, proud to call Logan home. We want to contribute as much as we can to our hometown, inspiring local entrepreneurs to step out of their comfort zones and take their product to the next level.

One of the many goals of the INNOV8 Logan program is to share information about local startups and aspiring inventors and entrepreneurs. It’s important for connections to be made in this industry because we rely heavily upon the ideas and input of others to make it work.

Goals of INNOV8 Logan

INNOV8 Logan will fuel innovation hubs, co-working spaces, jobs, workshops, networking events and the sharing of open data. The goal is to inspire and connect, allowing young entrepreneurs and businesses to understand that working side by side is the key to successful manufacturing.

More than one hand in the pot is essential, and competitors have to learn to work together to build a successful local industry. Hetech has always been socially conscious and using INNOV8 Logan, we are more than willing to assist small businesses, helping them to thrive in any way possible. If our local manufacturing industry is to become stronger, then we must turn ourselves into a team.

Manufacturing companies, both large and small, will not be the only to benefit. Customers will have the best in manufacturing available to them at all times.

For example, perhaps Hetech is approached by a customer that has a product idea and needs assistance with funding, marketing or product development. If we have built the correct network of manufacturing companies, allowing us unlimited contacts, we can help connect that customer to the right people for the job. Manufacturing is constantly evolving, and only companies that can work together will see the best in benefits and growth.

Do you have a product idea and need a bit of guidance on funding ideas, or ensuring that it’s market ready? Contact Hetech today and let us help!

After a successful exhibit at Avalon Airshow, Hetech were honoured to host the AIDN April monthly meeting, with a massive attendance of about 80 people. Some great information was relayed, including presentations by Airbus, Volvo, Legacy, Queensland Government and Hetech’s own Steve Plunkett and David Edington.

The AIDN (Australian Industry & Defence Network Incorporated) is an organization that represents the interests of Australian small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) by connecting them with larger businesses within the defence and security industry. The AIDN represents through advocacy and member services.

AIDN committee members with David Edington (2nd from Left) &
Steve Plunkett (3rd from Left)

Every month a meeting is held in a different location to outline and reaffirm AIDN objectives. Each meeting is meant review and relay industry capability information and updates, and offer support for SMEs as a whole. It is a great way for members of AIDN to stay connected with defence projects, suppliers and key contacts.

Details of April’s Meeting

The main points of April’s meeting hosted at Hetech focused heavily on connecting SMEs to defence projects, suppliers and manufacturers. Hetech was able to discuss our electronics design and involvement in defence manufacturing, which was a fantastic chance to showcase our facility, and our high level of manufacturing capabilities. 

David Edington & Steve Plukett delivering Hetech’s presentation
Airbus Presentation

The Airbus presentation was particularly exciting, as it covered Project LAND2094, Phase 4, which deals with Airbus’ involvement in special ops helicopters. This project is set to create medium lift helicopters that can “undertake troop transport, search and rescue, special operations and counter-terrorism missions”.

Scott White (Airbus) & Laurie Alexander (Airbus)

The presentation at the AIDN meeting was meant to receive interest from SMEs on products and services for this exclusive project.

The Benefits of AIDN

As a member of the AIDN, Hetech is proud to say that we’ve invested in the growth of our company. Through our membership, we are placed in contact with larger companies that allow us to continue to develop our defence systems, which in turn makes us a stronger manufacturing company.

Through AIDN, SMEs like Hetech are presented with opportunities to connect with larger companies in the defence industry. Without a network like AIDN, it would be difficult for smaller manufacturing companies to make those imperative, business enhancing connections.

Steve Plunkett (Hetech), David Edington (Hetech) & Lourie Alexander (Airbus)

AIDN itself is constructed of a combined membership of 600 or so SME companies. The AIDN structures its territories and chapters to optimise and reflect the makeup of the defence and security industries present within each. Hetech is proud to be an AIDN member, and can honestly credit positive contacts made in the industry to AIDN and the connections the network provides.

The April meeting was a huge success, with Hetech given the chance to stand in the spotlight, showcasing our abilities, dedicated employees, fearless leaders and enormous aspirations. As an electronics design & manufacturing company that continues to grow, embracing new clients, change and technology, we were happy to contribute and offer our facilities and services to support SMEs, AIDN and the defence industry.

Hetech Manufacturing has expanded, allowing us the ability to further our reach, achieve faster turnaround times and take on additional engineers. We are thrilled to announce that we now have a separate building for our headquarters, giving us more space to do what we do best…turn concept from mind representation to reality.

Our new headquarters will house day-to-day operations for Hetech, and provides our engineers with a dedicated space and unlimited possibilities. The original building has been opened up, giving more than enough room for production and servicing. This increased capacity is allowing room for Class 3 workers, but that’s not all.

More operational space will give Hetech the ability to prepare for further quality certifications, such as AS9100. A company level certification, AS9100 is in compliance with a standard set by the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers). This type of advanced certification will make Hetech a recognized frontrunner in quality assurance regarding design, development, production and installation.

Every past, present and future client will benefit from the vast improvements at Hetech. Faster turnaround times and increased production capacities have arrived. Hetech now has better quality assurance than ever before, and we continue to improve with every company based decision we make.

Choosing Hetech has always meant security, and with our new headquarters featuring state of the art security practices, your product is safe through every stage of production. The new developments at Hetch allow us to go to a greater extent of above and beyond, which is exactly what we have planned for every client we interact with.

Our headquarters address is Building 14, 2404 Logan Road, QLD, 4113 Australia

Contact Hetech today for more details.

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