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New ESD protection initiatives for ‘Safety First’ at Hetech

Ensuring employee safety is the top priority in an electronics manufacturing workplace. One kind of potentially dangerous incident is an electrostatic discharge (ESD), where two objects with differing levels of electric charge come into close proximity. The charge is bounced back and forth between the objects with increasing speed, resulting in it becoming higher. This can result in everything from a flash of stormy lightning to a minor buzz felt between two busy children on a plastic playground slide. In an electrical manufacturing plant, however, a significant ESD can cause major damage to equipment and the delicate electronics that are being assembled. Worse, it can result in sparks, fire and even explosions that can seriously injure employees.

ESD safety equipment is built around the principles of preventing static electricity build-up, and carefully discharging any that has. Most importantly, providing protection from any sudden or unexpected surges that might occur. In electrical manufacturing or engineering environments, one of the best ways to protect workers from ESD is grounding – flooring with anti-static mats or other conductive material that controls and reroutes any dangerous electrical charges.

ESD Wrist Strap

Hetech, with its strong culture of putting safety first, has recently installed new ESD flooring in their factories. Other ESD prevention technologies include special workwear with conductive filaments, like wrist and foot straps, to avoid high charges accumulating on the body. In a large industrial environment, humidity (a natural repellent to the accumulation of electrical charge) control and careful monitoring is also important.

Hetech, certified both in Australia and internationally in electrical safety management, also adheres to international safety standards for operating an Electrostatic Discharge Protected Area (EPA). This not only includes the ESD flooring and safety equipment described above but policies and procedures to assure no delicate electronics are placed in close proximity to materials with a high-charge capacity. In their production of innovative electronics design and technology, Hetech are committed to intrinsically safe products manufactured under the very best conditions for their employees.

Thanks to ESD prevention technology, we have the utmost confidence our production process ensures the highest quality builds with fewer chances of electronic faults. Contact Hetech today for more information on ESD prevention technology, and how to ensure your electrical manufacturing employees are in the safest workplace.

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