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How to protect your electronic product against harsh environments

Having an excellent electronic design is only one element of the electronic design and manufacturing process. One other essential element you must consider is how durable and long-lasting your product will be. You must carefully consider where and how your product will be used and how you can protect your product against any harsh environmental factors that it may be subject to.

1. UV

If you have designed an electronic product that may be used outside, you must consider how UV rays will affect the quality of your product. Even if your product will not be exposed to direct sunlight, you must calculate how the temperature of UV rays may affect your product adversely.

2. Dust

Should your electronic product be used in the industrial or mining industry, you may wish to consider how dust will affect your product. On a PCB (printed circuit board), dust can cause electrical leakage and harm the resistance between conductors.

3. Moisture

If your electronic product will be used in outdoor environments, you should be aware of how consistent exposure to moisture will affect the quality of your product. Can your product handle being caught in a heavy downpour? You should have a full understanding of this before you release your product to market.

4. Flammability

How will your electronic product meet flammability standards? It is important you have a thorough understanding of this before trying to market or sell your product.

How can I protect my product against the aforementioned environmental factors?

Conformal coating is a protective layer that can be applied to your electronic product to protect it against harsh and harmful environmental factors. It is essential, however, that conformal coating is applied by an expert company to ensure the coating does not pool and no areas of your product are missed.

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