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Hetech is Lean and Mean in 2015

LEAN and Mean- Definition: adjective phrase. Fit and ready for hard, efficient work.
And that’s exactly what we are doing here at Hetech HQ. Hetech is implementing LEAN thinking and practices into our work processes with the help of Think Perform.

A vital aspect of our work culture here at Hetech has always been the importance to strive for high performance with minimal waste and at a great price. As the lower Australian dollar puts pressure on importers of parts, Hetech has embraced Toyota’s principle of LEAN Manufacturing to manage costs, conserve resources, reduce waste and improve profitability.

All Hetech staff members will be working with the Think Perform team to implement LEAN processes at all levels of the business to deliver sustainable performance improvements.

By working with Think Perform, Hetech staff will develop an understanding of where waste exists. Throughout the program the team will be able to successfully identify ideas and projects that will lead to sustainable improvements within the business as well as providing a value creation process to customers that has zero waste.

The Hetech Team are enjoying working with the experienced Think Perform Team and we can’t wait to see the results!

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