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Hetech Hosts AIDN Monthly Meeting At Manufacturing Facility

After a successful exhibit at Avalon Airshow, Hetech were honoured to host the AIDN April monthly meeting, with a massive attendance of about 80 people. Some great information was relayed, including presentations by Airbus, Volvo, Legacy, Queensland Government and Hetech’s own Steve Plunkett and David Edington.

The AIDN (Australian Industry & Defence Network Incorporated) is an organization that represents the interests of Australian small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) by connecting them with larger businesses within the defence and security industry. The AIDN represents through advocacy and member services.

AIDN committee members with David Edington (2nd from Left) &
Steve Plunkett (3rd from Left)

Every month a meeting is held in a different location to outline and reaffirm AIDN objectives. Each meeting is meant review and relay industry capability information and updates, and offer support for SMEs as a whole. It is a great way for members of AIDN to stay connected with defence projects, suppliers and key contacts.

Details of April’s Meeting

The main points of April’s meeting hosted at Hetech focused heavily on connecting SMEs to defence projects, suppliers and manufacturers. Hetech was able to discuss our electronics design and involvement in defence manufacturing, which was a fantastic chance to showcase our facility, and our high level of manufacturing capabilities. 

David Edington & Steve Plukett delivering Hetech’s presentation
Airbus Presentation

The Airbus presentation was particularly exciting, as it covered Project LAND2094, Phase 4, which deals with Airbus’ involvement in special ops helicopters. This project is set to create medium lift helicopters that can “undertake troop transport, search and rescue, special operations and counter-terrorism missions”.

Scott White (Airbus) & Laurie Alexander (Airbus)

The presentation at the AIDN meeting was meant to receive interest from SMEs on products and services for this exclusive project.

The Benefits of AIDN

As a member of the AIDN, Hetech is proud to say that we’ve invested in the growth of our company. Through our membership, we are placed in contact with larger companies that allow us to continue to develop our defence systems, which in turn makes us a stronger manufacturing company.

Through AIDN, SMEs like Hetech are presented with opportunities to connect with larger companies in the defence industry. Without a network like AIDN, it would be difficult for smaller manufacturing companies to make those imperative, business enhancing connections.

Steve Plunkett (Hetech), David Edington (Hetech) & Lourie Alexander (Airbus)

AIDN itself is constructed of a combined membership of 600 or so SME companies. The AIDN structures its territories and chapters to optimise and reflect the makeup of the defence and security industries present within each. Hetech is proud to be an AIDN member, and can honestly credit positive contacts made in the industry to AIDN and the connections the network provides.

The April meeting was a huge success, with Hetech given the chance to stand in the spotlight, showcasing our abilities, dedicated employees, fearless leaders and enormous aspirations. As an electronics design & manufacturing company that continues to grow, embracing new clients, change and technology, we were happy to contribute and offer our facilities and services to support SMEs, AIDN and the defence industry.

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