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Building Confidence Into your Product with Automatic Optical Inspection

The team at Hetech are proud to announce a recent upgrade to our factory. By installing a new AOI machine to the factory floor, Hetech can provide a stronger, more efficient production process for our customers.

What is an AOI machine and what does it do?

An AOI (automated optical inspection) machine is used to visually inspect printed circuit boards. The machine uses a camera to autonomously scan devices and test for both catastrophic failures (such as a missing part) and quality defects (such as incorrect size or shape). It can be used at multiple stages of a manufacturing process, e.g. to perform a solder paste inspection or bare board inspection, to ensure accuracy at every stage of production.

What are the benefits of using an AOI?

Speed up Turnaround Times

As the machine is automated, inspections can be conducted much more quickly and efficiently, meaning a shorter production time and quicker product turnaround.

Improve Manufacturing Quality

As the AOI machine can be used to inspect any stage of production, the best possible quality is assured. They also have a higher inspection speed than human inspectors and processes/results are consistent.

Confidence in Your Product

With a more thorough inspection process, customers can have total faith and confidence in their products.

Are there any more benefits you need to be aware of?

Due to its quality assurance and automation, an AOI machine can help to reduce production and labour costs, improving the cost-effectiveness of the design and manufacturing process.

For more information on our AOI machine, contact us at Hetech today. We are your electronics design and manufacturing partner.

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