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Another successful Partnership for Hetech

At Hetech, our philosophy is to create mutually beneficial partnerships and relationships with our customers. This philosophy is underpinned by our company motto ‘Your product development and manufacturing partner’

In 2013, Hetech partnered with Argus Acoustic to develop their vibration controller boards.

Argus Acoustic owner Russell Shannon wrote to Hetech Managing Director, Mark Steiner, to give some feedback on our product development and manufacturing process.

Here’s what he had to say;

”Our boards are complicated, multilayer boards; tightly packed with about 600 components on a board of 125mm x 70mm. Fine tolerances are required. Potential noise problems between a high speed processor and very sensitive analogue circuits needed addressing. The circuits were designed very carefully to get the performance we required and the quality of all components on the board was specified.

This project has taken about 2 years. It is not always easy to maintain good humour when dealing with all the complications that a project such as this throws up, yet you and your staff have at all times acted with professionalism, expertise and a genuine willingness to assist in a successful outcome. Special thanks to Sam on the design side and for his skill in hand building the first prototypes and later Glenn in production.

We look forward to continued production of these boards and development of new boards that will be required in the future.”

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Featured above, Sam Crosse- Hetech Engineer and Glenn Wright- Hetech Production Manager.

Our team loves a challenge, and this project was exactly that. We look forward to a continued partnership with Argus Acoustic.

If you have a project that requires an experienced team of problem solvers who love a challenge, contact Hetech today on 07 3297 9000.

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