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With the help of Think Perform, Hetech’s commitment to implement LEAN thinking and practices into our work processes continues.

After completing the first module, Learning to See and Reduce Waste (read about it on the D.O.W.N.T.I.M.E blog) the team are now working towards completing the 5S Safety module.

This module educated our staff on the importance of keeping the workspace organised and prepared to improve efficiencies. When implemented correctly, 5S will lead to lower costs, improved safety, increase productivity and greater levels of employee engagement.

During this module, our staff were responsible for implementing the 5S process which includes;

  1. Sort- removing unnecessary things from the workplace
  2. Set in order- the workplace is well organised
  3. Shine- everything is easy to see, reach and return
  4. Standardise- everyone does the same tasks in the same way
  5. Sustain- 5S is maintained

The Hetech team spent the morning organising and removing unnecessary items in our assembly area and warehouse.

IMG_7975  IMG_7971

Only a few weeks after completing this activity, the staff have already noticed the benefits of implementing and maintaining the 5S process.

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