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As an experienced provider of high-tech solutions to clients in the mining, energy production and defence sectors, Hetech are aware of the need to use systems that are as secure as they possibly can be. To achieve this aim, our organisation has overhauled the way in which we process and use our client data, in order to enhance security and protection.

Hetech is now part of DISP

As part of our work to become more secure than ever before, Hetech have opted to become part of the Defence Industry Security Programme (DISP). One of the criteria for DISP membership involved allowing our systems to be subject to a stringent defence cyber-security audit, which we are pleased to announce that we passed comfortably!

How are we protecting your data?

Hetech has adopted a three-pronged approach to ensuring client data is as safe and secure as possible:

  • We have invested in a major security upgrade. Fresh features include a stronger firewall, secure data storage and enhanced support for our IT.
  • Our security systems are subject to rigorous and repeated testing by external security agencies.
  • Extensive staff training. This ensures that every member of the team is clear on what protocols to follow in order to keep your data exceptionally secure.

Why our clients value our investment in cyber-security.

Our aim is always to provide our clients with a safe, protected environment in which to do business. Our DISP-approved systems offer a high degree of data protection. With Hetech, clients experience a total “commercial-in-confidence” experience.

Not only can clients be confident that their data is secure, it also enables them to comply with any confidentiality or NDA agreements they may have with their clients. Remember that your data is stored on-site, not in a cloud or some remote (and therefore potentially less secure) location.

Hetech aims to be a leader not just in the field of electronics manufacturing and design, but also to be at the forefront of client care and service. Get in touch to discover how we protect your data whilst completing your high-calibre electronic design and production.

For more information e-mail us:; or call us at 07 3297 9700.

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