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In response to the significant increase in the global demand for electronic engineering services from industries such as defence, manufacturing electronics design companies are successfully collaborating with selected local engineering companies to increase design capacities.

As projects evolve, grow and become more intense, collaboration between engineers in the electronics industry is now essential. Collaboration enables projects to be completed effectively, and will also ensure the continuation of large revenue-generating projects and engineering job creation.

Those at the helm of the revolution are blazing the way, and leaders of the industry are stressing that for the electronics industry and economies to grow, collaboration must become the norm, as well as increased capacity for engineering and manufacturing services.

The entire industry is coming to a point where one will not be able to successfully exist without the other, and isn’t that already the case? Electronics design and electronics manufacturing cannot provide a complete product without each other.

Manufacturing and engineering already go hand in hand. The existence of each field proves to make the other one better.

Frequently exposing SME manufacturers to larger projects will lead to a much more efficient manufacturing process; keeping production costs down, more exporting opportunities and job growth worldwide. This type of growth is more than necessary, it’s vital for the industry to thrive.

Manufacturing companies (like Hetech) have a firm belief in collaboration, and place a big stake in the concept as a whole. Expansion plans in manufacturing companies are imminent and unavoidable, and should include discussions with interstate companies to take manufacturing capabilities even further.

Companies that specialize in electronics manufacturing should not limit themselves to forming a network of outside engineers, although this is a wonderful direction to take. Each and every manufacturing company should be committed to continuing investing heavily in their internal engineering teams.

The reinforcement of development internally, within the company itself, will strengthen skill and overall performance. This is not limited to design, but manufacturing and project management as well. As with anything, strength truly does start from within. Establish that base, and then broaden it.

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Any questions, thoughts and concerns regarding electronic design and electronic manufacturing can be directed to Hetech.

We’re more than happy to answer questions on the topic, as we look to be a front-runner in the relationship development between manufacturing and engineering.

This year, The PACIFIC 2019 International Maritime Expo for defence will be held from 8 – 10 October at the International Convention Centre in Sydney, Australia, and small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from all across Queensland are preparing for this exposition.

Hetech, a leading Australian electronics design & manufacturing company, will be participating in this year’s PACIFIC 2019 expo in collaboration with the Queensland government, along with 15 other SMEs.

Hetech Will Showcase Its Electronics Design & Manufacturing Capabilities To The World

This year, Hetech will be focusing on showing off its ability to design and manufacture custom electronics packages to companies and governments from all across the world. This is the perfect opportunity for Hetech and other Australian companies to show their quality to international vendors and customers.

Hetech will be exhibiting its current projects, including developing technologies which are being used in future Australian naval products. With its proven track record in projects including PCB and schematics design, SMT and thru-hole assembling, electronics prototyping and more, Hetech is a leading choice for turn-key electronics design & manufacturing for both the Australian defence industry, and for private companies.

Collaboration Encourages Better Results For Australian SMEs

Participating collaboratively in trade shows and expos like the PACIFIC 2019 International Maritime Expo is a unique opportunity for SME manufacturers to collaborate, and learn more about the technologies and innovations that are driving the defence industry forward.

Not only that, but this is also a great chance for Australian companies to network with multinational companies and manufacturers, and learn more about larger projects.

This type of collaboration has a number of benefits for Australian SMEs like Hetech, such as keeping production costs down, creating more export opportunities, and helping to encourage job growth worldwide. This type of growth is essential for the continued health and development of the Australian defence maritime industries.

Join Hetech & The Queensland Government At PACIFIC 2019 To Learn More

Those who are working in the defence naval and maritime industries and would like to learn more about Hetech and the other Australian SMEs exhibiting as part of PACIFIC 2019 can join them at the conference from October 8-10, 2019. This year is the tenth annual PACIFIC conference, and it’s sure to be one of the largest, most interesting, and rewarding events in the maritime & naval technology industry in 2019.

To learn more about the expo, get more details and purchase tickets, interested attendees may visit its website at this link.

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